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Serengeti National Park is a vast treeless plain with millions of animals living here or passing through in search of fresh grasslands. It’s most famous for the annual wildebeest migration but you can also see the Big Five here, and nearly 500 species of birds have been recorded on the Serengeti.

As the second largest national park in Tanzania, it attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year. The best months for wildlife viewing in the Park are between June and September. The wet season is from March to May, with the coldest period from June to October.



It is inarguably Tanzania’s best national park when it comes to wildlife; abundant with our planet’s most exotic animals (including elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, and buffalo), a visit to the Serengeti is nothing short of a magical experience.

The park presents a dramatic wildlife experience even with animals moving to the Masai Mara game reserve there are still lots of animals to be seen in the game park including Africa’s big five animals.

You can visit the Masai people the ancient inhabitants of the park, they have very unique ways of life, customs, and cultures. You will be welcomed with a traditional dancing ceremony and their lots of things to learn about their culture.

Explore the gigantic rock formations spread in the Serengeti plains , the kopjes are filled with water pools and shades that many animals relax from some of this rocks have interesting long time Masai paintings you can explore including a lot of birds

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