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Banana beer brewery

Rwanda - Banana Beer Brewery  The Banana Beer Brewery Tour in Rwanda is an informative and interesting watch. It provides viewers with insight into how they use banana leaves to make their beer. The Tour in Rwanda is a 45-minute-long documentary about how banana leaves are used to make their banana beer. It provides viewers…

Bird watching in Rwanda

Birdwatching in Rwanda Rwanda is home to over 700 bird species which are scattered between protected areas, swamps, and agricultural lands. Most of the birding happens in the 3 protected areas of Akagera national park, Nyungwe national park and Volcanoes national park. To enjoy bird watching in Rwanda, you need to be prepared to stay out…

Bugesera Reconsiliation Village

The Bugesera reconciliation village is located one hour’s drive from the capital of Kigali, Mbyo Reconciliation Village is where perpetrators and victims, murderers and survivors, Hutus and Tutsis, are neighbors. Neighbors murdered their neighbors twenty years ago-a mass murder that destroyed Rwandan society in the Rwandan Genocide which refers to the ….

Cultural Entertainment Tour

Cultural Entertainment Tour Embrace the culture of Rwanda with this full-day guided cultural entertainment tour. Learn more about the region’s history through the art of drumming and dance. The experience begins with a performance, before donning your own traditional costume….

Exploring Nyanza Culture and History

Exploring the Nyanza culture and history that is unseen or hidden as well as mentioning some of the stories that you can’t find in the book or in the museum. We’re going to tour a lake and a farm where you’ll be introduced to its history and the…

Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Golden monkey trekking is a mesmerizing experience you want to include on your African Safari specifically while on a Rwanda safari. The experience can only be enjoyed within the Virunga ranges of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic….

Half-Day Private Fashion Tour in Kigali

Kigali – Half Day Private Fashion Tour With international accolades and a New York Times write-up, fashion in Rwanda is a bright example of hope and creativity coming together. On this Fashion Tour in Kigali, you’ll meet jewelry designers, a collective of

Local hills hiking

Local hills hiking You should be proud of taking part in this hike. This is a unique activity that you can never find elsewhere. The local hills hiking in the local areas of Rwanda is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to experience what it is like living life outside of the big cities in the…

Rwanda coffee experience

Rwandan Coffee Experience Experience the entire Rwanda coffee-making process from seed to the finished product. This tour starts in the nursery and ends with a cup of Rwandan coffee ground and roasted in the traditional way. The COOPROCAKI Coffee Cooperative

Rwanda Colobus Monkey Trekking

Colobus monkey trekking happens in Nyungwe national park in southern Rwanda which is about 5 hours drive from the capital, Kigali. The park has many individuals and often you can find a group of over 400 individual while on this trek. Nyungwe national park, is one of Rwanda’s four parks. It…

Rwanda Cycling Safaris

Rwanda Cycling Safaris Rwanda, also known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” is an excellent destination for cycling safaris. Its incredible weather, breathtaking landscapes and scenery, remote countryside, great sites along the road, and, most importantly, clean air all contribute to the enjoyment of your cycling…

Rwanda traditional construction

Rwanda traditional construction Learn about Rwanda traditional construction techniques and experience rural village life during this flexible-length excursion with a local family. Discover the traditional methods used by….

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