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The Arusha park is one of the remarkable national parks in Tanzania located in the north-eastern region close to Arusha town and adjacent to the border of Kenya and Tanzania, the park lies in a distance of 35 kilometers drive from Arusha city, 58 kilometers from Moshi and 35 kilometers from Kilimanjaro International airport (KIA). The area of the park comprises a diverse range of landscapes in various directions of the park. These landscapes include Meru crater funnels, Jekukumia River, and the peak of Mountain Meru in the west, Ngurdoto crater in southeast dominated by savannah, and shallow alkaline Momella lakes in northeast.

Arusha National park


Game viewing is one of the remarkable safari experiences done in this park, the park is home to numerous species of large mammals that habit in various vegetation zones such as savannah grasslands, forests, and around the bank of Momella lakes.

It is a habit to over 400 bird species which makes the birding-watching experience a memorable one, birding watching in the park is an opportunity for spotting numerous bird species such as flamingoes, hammerkops, pelicans, white crested Tilt, African paradise flycatchers, grey-headed bush shrikes, red-billed Oxpeckers, bronzy sunbirds,

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