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14 Days  Kampala City Cultural Safari

This 14 Days Kampala city cultural safari gives you an unforgettable experience as you cruise around the busy city and view all the seven hills of the city. Visit Namugongo shrine, the Uganda museum, Ndere cultural center, and also have a chance to visit the Kabaka’s trail, visit the royal tombs as well the Kabaka’s lake; a man made lake. Proceed and visit the Naggalabi coronation site as well as the Ssezibwa falls; for black water rafting, then head to Jinja and visit River Nile source.

The Kampala city cultural safari also takes you to other important cultural sites to visit which include, four hundred year old Nakayima tree in Hoima District, Ntusi mounds as well as Bigo bya Mugenyi, Amabeere Ga’nyinamwiru, Bunyoro Kingdom in Western Uganda. A tour to Kibale National Park will avail you to various primates like the red tailed monkeys, Mangabeys, Olive baboons and the famous chimpanzees.

Detailed 14 Days Kampala City Cultural Safari

Day 1: Arrival in Kampala

Upon your arrival in Kampala, our friendly team will be there to welcome you and transfer you to your accommodation. Take some time to relax and acclimate to the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Day 2: Kampala City Tour

Embark on a guided city tour of Kampala, where you’ll discover its iconic landmarks, historical sites, and cultural treasures. Visit the Uganda Museum, home to a fascinating collection of artifacts that showcase the country’s diverse heritage. Explore the vibrant Nakasero Market, known for its bustling atmosphere and an array of fresh produce. Discover the historic Namirembe Cathedral and marvel at its stunning architecture. Conclude the day with a visit to the colorful Owino Market, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and shop for traditional crafts and souvenirs.

Kampala CityDay 3: Buganda Kingdom Tour

Delve into the history and traditions of the Buganda Kingdom, one of Uganda’s oldest and most influential kingdoms. Visit the Kabaka’s Palace, the official residence of the Buganda king, and learn about the kingdom’s ancient customs and governance. Witness traditional ceremonies and rituals that have been passed down through generations, gaining a deeper understanding of Buganda’s cultural heritage. Engage with the local community and interact with knowledgeable locals who will share fascinating stories and insights.

Uganda Culture ToursDay 4: Kasubi Tombs and Lubiri Palace

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kasubi Tombs, the final resting place of Buganda kings. Marvel at the architectural grandeur of this sacred site and learn about the spiritual significance it holds for the Buganda people. Continue your cultural journey to Lubiri Palace, the former residence of the Buganda king. Explore its historical importance and stroll through its beautiful gardens, reflecting on the royal legacy of the kingdom.

Day 5: Craft Market and Traditional Arts

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of traditional arts and crafts by visiting local markets and workshops. Witness skilled artisans at work, creating intricate beadwork, basket weaving, and wood carvings. Engage with the artists, learn about their techniques and cultural significance, and even try your hand at creating your own masterpiece. Purchase unique handmade souvenirs that showcase the craftsmanship of Uganda’s talented artisans.

Uganda people and cultureDay 6-8: Cultural Experiences in Surrounding Villages

Venture outside of Kampala to explore the cultural richness of surrounding villages. Visit traditional communities and immerse yourself in their daily lives. Participate in farming activities, learning traditional cooking techniques, and trying your hand at traditional crafts. Engage in cultural exchanges and storytelling sessions, gaining firsthand knowledge of the local traditions and customs. Experience the warm hospitality of the villagers and create lasting connections with the local community.

Day 9-12: Cultural Festivals and Performances

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of cultural festivals and performances that take place in and around Kampala. Attend traditional dances, music concerts, and theatrical performances that showcase the diversity of Ugandan culture. From the energetic performances at the Ndere Cultural Centre to the lively atmosphere of the Bayimba International Festival, you’ll witness the incredible artistic expressions of the Ugandan people. Immerse yourself in the rhythms, colors, and celebrations that define the cultural landscape of Kampala.

Day 13: Nature and Cultural Heritage

Take a break from the bustling city and explore the natural and cultural wonders near Kampala. Visit the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, a haven of tranquility boasting a wide variety of plant species. Discover the historical significance of the Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine, a site commemorating the Christian martyrs who were executed in the late 19th century. Take a relaxing boat cruise on Lake Victoria, enjoying the scenic views and the serenity of the water. Reflect on the intertwined relationship between nature and culture in Uganda.

Day 14: Farewell and Departure

Bid farewell to Kampala, taking with you cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the city’s vibrant cultural heritage. Our team will ensure a smooth transfer to the airport for your departure, marking the end of your 14-day cultural safari.

Tour Inclusives

  • Transportation in a tourist vehicle with pop up roof
  • Services of the English speaking guide
  • All activities are described in the itinerary.
  • Park entrance fee is according to the program.
  • Drinking water

Tour Excludes

  • Personal Expenses like tobacco, telephone, drinks, laundry, porter fee
  • Personal insurance
  • Visa
  • Beverages

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