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1 Day Rwanda Birding Tour

Welcome to the 1-Day Rwanda Birding Tour with Intaresafaris! This exclusive tour is designed for avid bird enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking a compact yet enriching birding experience in the stunning landscapes of Rwanda. In just one day, you will have the opportunity to explore the diverse habitats of Nyungwe Forest National Park and the picturesque shores of Lake Kivu, where an array of avian wonders awaits.

Our knowledgeable birding guides will lead you through the lush forests, pointing out elusive species, sharing fascinating facts about their behavior and habitats, and ensuring that you make the most of your birding adventure. With our commitment to responsible tourism, you can enjoy a sustainable experience that supports local conservation efforts and promotes the protection of Rwanda’s incredible birdlife.

4 days bird watching safari Rwanda

Detailed 1 Day Rwanda Birding Tour

Morning: Nyungwe Forest National Park

  • After an early morning pick-up from your accommodation, we will make our way to Nyungwe Forest National Park, located in southwestern Rwanda.
  • Upon arrival, we’ll meet our expert birding guide who will provide a briefing on the day’s activities and the bird species we can expect to encounter.
  • We’ll begin our birding adventure by exploring the park’s montane forests, where we may encounter species such as the Rwenzori Turaco, Red-collared Mountain Babbler, Handsome Francolin, and many others.
  • As we walk along the forest trails, our guide will point out the distinct calls and behaviors of the birds, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of Rwanda’s avian biodiversity.

Midday: Lunch and Relaxation

  • After an exciting morning of birding, we’ll take a break for a delicious picnic lunch amidst the tranquil beauty of Nyungwe Forest.
  • Take some time to relax, soak in the natural surroundings, and discuss the bird species spotted during the morning session.

Afternoon: Canopy Walk and Lake Kivu

  • In the afternoon, we’ll embark on a thrilling canopy walk on the Nyungwe Canopy Walkway, offering a unique perspective of the forest and opportunities to spot canopy-dwelling birds, including the Great Blue Turaco, Olive Pigeon, and various sunbirds.
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the treetops, the forest canopy, and the stunning landscapes that stretch beyond.
  • After the canopy walk, we’ll make our way to the shores of Lake Kivu, a beautiful freshwater lake known for its scenic beauty and diverse birdlife.
  • We’ll take a leisurely boat trip on the lake, providing opportunities to observe waterbirds such as herons, African fish eagles, cormorants, and possibly even the elusive shoebill stork.
  • As the day draws to a close, we’ll return to the starting point, filled with memorable birding experiences and a deeper appreciation for Rwanda’s avian treasures.

Note: The specific bird species encountered may vary depending on the season and local conditions. Our experienced guides will adapt the itinerary to maximize your chances of spotting as many bird species as possible.

Experience the magic of Rwanda’s birdlife in just one day with our immersive 1-Day Rwanda Birding Tour. Let Intaresafaris be your guide to the remarkable avian biodiversity of this beautiful country, where every step brings you closer to unforgettable encounters with some of Africa’s most captivating bird species

Tour Inclusives

  • Bottled mineral water
  • transportation in a 4X4safari car
  • professional English speaking driver/guide
  • professional birding guide
  • game drive
  • bird watching as per the itinerary

Tour Excludes

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenditure on stuff like telephone/internet, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc
  • Medical insurance and many more

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