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Welcome to Intare Safaris – Your Gateway to Exploring the Best of Rwanda’s Wildlife!

We are a premier safari operator in Rwanda, offering you the most authentic and unforgettable Rwanda Wildlife experiences in the heart of Africa. With a focus on responsible tourism, we take pride in showcasing the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Rwanda, while ensuring that our tours contribute to the well-being of local communities and the conservation of wildlife.

Start now by browsing some of our ready-made safari packages and enjoy our personalized touch and exceptional tour experiences.

Rwanda Gorilla tours

Our Top Rated Rwanda Safari Packages

Rwanda Gorilla trekking

5 Days Rwanda gorilla tours

The 4 days Mountain gorilla trekking will take place in Volcanoes National Park, home to 400 of the 880 gorillas left in the world, or half of the remaining population.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

6 Days Uganda-Rwanda Safari

A perfectly designed itinerary for 6 Days to give a thrilling experience of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest and exceptional gorilla tour and golden monkey experience.

Akagera National park tour

1 Day Akagera Wildlife Safari

This 1-day Akagera national park wildlife safari will give you a classic African safari outlook on Rwanda – the land of “a thousand Hills.” giving you varied sights of..

Rwanda Wildlife Safaris

7 Days Uganda Gorillas and Wildlife Safari

This itinerary involves both gorilla trekking & chimpanzee tracking permits worth..

Kigali city tour

1 Day Kigali City Tour

Named after a hill, Kigali is the commercial center of Rwanda and home to most of the important political offices in the country.

Rwanda Gorilla tours

1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda Safari

With the 1 day Rwanda Gorilla tours, we assume visitors already in Rwanda want to…

Rwanda Culture Tour

6 Days Gorillas & Culture Tour

Gorillas and Cultural tour, includes a comprehensive gorilla trekking experience and a hike to see the Dian Fossey Grave

10-Day Gorillas and Wildlife Safari

This journey is the finest for rewarding you with exceptional Rwanda Gorilla tours.

Uganda Wildlife Tours

9 Days Uganda-Wildlife Safari

This Uganda gorillas and wildlife tour includes a scenic wild game viewing opportunity, golden monkey tracking…

Rwanda Gorilla tours

Rwanda Gorilla Tours: Meet the Gentle Giants

Experience one of the world’s most extraordinary wildlife encounters with our Rwanda Gorilla Tours! Trek through the lush rainforests of Volcanoes National Park and come face-to-face with the endangered mountain gorillas. This is a rare opportunity to witness these gentle giants in their natural habitat, observe their behavior, and learn about their conservation efforts. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure a safe and unforgettable gorilla trekking experience.

Along this journey, you get a chance to visit the Gisozi genocide memorial site, and local craft market, drive around the city center and visit fruit markets the culture and way of people living before transferring to Uganda.

Rwanda Culture Tours: Discover the Rich Heritage of Rwanda.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and traditions of Rwanda with our Rwanda Culture Tours. From the ancient rituals of the Batwa people to the colorful festivals and dances of the Rwandese, our tours offer a unique insight into the cultural diversity of Rwanda. Explore the historic landmarks, museums, and markets of Kigali, and engage with local communities to learn about their customs, beliefs, and daily lives.

Rwanda Wildlife Tours: Get Up Close with Nature's Wonders

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our Rwanda Wildlife Tours! Discover the unique flora and fauna of Rwanda’s national parks, including the majestic lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras of Akagera National Park, and the rare primates and birds of Nyungwe Forest National Park. Our expert guides will take you on thrilling game drives, nature walks, and birding expeditions, giving you a chance to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats.


Rwanda tours

Rwanda tours

Visit Rwanda and explore the wonders of this land of a thousand hills including tracking mountain gorillas in the world-famous Volcanoes National Park.

Uganda tours

Uganda tours

Uganda is a top tourist destination and has got plenty for you to explore while visiting this Pearl of Africa. The country has got 10 national parks…

Burundi tours

Burundi tours

Visit Burundi to have a memorable experience in this beautiful and  undiscovered country blessed with waterfalls and great physical features..

Kenya tours

Kenya Tours

Kenya is a unique tourist destination with so many tourist attractions, vast animals and bird species as well as a great local culture for you to explore all year round..

Congo tours

Congo tours

DRC is one of the very few destinations in the world where gorillas can be found in their natural habitat, and it is the only place where both lowland and..

Tanzania tours

Tanzania tours

Tanzania has got plenty for you to explore including vast species of animals and birds all spread out across the various national parks in the country. ..

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